The December Issue

One thing we never tire of is travel. It’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it.

Our most recent trip was a 2 month stint in Europe (for research of course).


A most inspiring trip this year. There was something different this time, though. Maybe its because we’re older, but let’s not go with that. Surprisingly, the windows almost looked as though we had stepped back in time, gone back to another era. Our favourite era. An era when men were gentlemen and women were ladies.


1940’s, 50’s and 60’s vintage glamour with a modern, sharp twist.

Classic style, vintage gowns with an edge.

This is what we observed and this is what Australia is catching onto.

We don’t think we are quite the 3-4 years behind in European fashion anymore. Whist it isn’t for the masses at the moment, there are definitely women wanting this new (but old) style in wedding gowns, which we are very excited about.


Expect to see brocades and jacquards, pockets, cropped top and skirt wedding dress combonations, softer, more muted ivory on ivory beading.


We are looking forward to 2015. Inspired by our trip to Europe and truly absorbing the culture, food, colours, style and fashion that we saw along the way.

We are working hard on our new collection and are expecting a huge year ahead.

Stay tuned, brides to be…….



11TH OCT 2013

Hi gorgeous people!! How exciting last month was for all at Amaline Vitale! We photographed our new collection using the amazingly talented photographer Vlad Savin.


28TH MAR 2015

Although February is the shortest month on the calendar, we have managed to fit in as much as we possibly can! This month saw the launch of our new campaign and collection and a feature in Cosmo Bride.


4TH JUL 2015

We kicked off the month with a quick sourcing trip to the shopping mecca also know as Hong Kong. What an amazing place to be inspired – not to mention the culture and great food!!